Comment Below (Because You Have to Know What I Think)

Happy Monday everyone! Today’s post is about the comments section of my favorite TV website:tvbtn-logo

If you’re not familiar, TV by the Numbers is a website that posts the nightly, weekly, and season viewership ratings as reported by Nielsen. There’s a lot of debate over wether these numbers actually matter anymore since the proliferation of On-Demand viewing, and that’s another fascinating topic to tackle in another post, but today I’m looking at their comments section because you can find some intriguing opinions there.

Today, I’ll be looking at the different type of commenter that you find on this site. Because I’ve been checking it pretty much every day since 2007, I’ve come to recognize that there is a a community that has formed, which means some people know each other and are pretty rational in their comments. I’ll be looking at the commenters who more-or-less pop in to “prove a point” these include the following:

1. The “I should really by writing for this site because I give more detailed analysis than the people who run it” Commenter. This person goes on a 2,000 word rant about why the numbers look the way they do and why their favorite show wasn’t #1. But they do it in a classy way.

2.The “I’m from another country” Commenter. This person is visiting the website usually to have a conversation about the story lines, but they are weeks behind because most of our shows are broadcast later in the year in other countries. They are usually very friendly even though major plot points are being spoiled for them in the discussion, and it usually involves character death.

3. The “I just came here to hate on anything that’s not my favorite show that I can’t believe this website is predicting cancelation for even though the audience just isn’t there and if I hate enough on the other shows mine will be renewed” Commenter. This person usually picks fights with others and tries to justify that their show is too “smart” for American audiences to get. Sometimes these commenters are British.

These are the major types that I find on the site. There are people who float in and out on certain nights as it relates to their shows, but sometimes you also get someone commenting because a show drops hard or doesn’t premier like everyone thought it would. If they can annoy enough people they sometimes become a #2 commenter. 

I’m not a huge commenter on TV By the Numbers because there’s nothing that can be done about the numbers. It’s usually pretty clear when a show will be cancelled based on the viewership numbers. Sometimes there are shows that avoid the odds or get saved by On-Demand, and I’ll discuss that more on Thursday.

Do you ever comment on these websites when you read articles or do you read the comments at all?

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