On-Demand is Changing How We Watch (And How Much We Sleep)

Have you ever had to sit through a show that you didn’t really want to be watching because you only had 1 TV in the house and Mom got to choose what you watched? Of course not, because you live in the digital age where you can stream anything on any of the 200 mobile devices that you own.

There used to be a time when you only had one viewing option in the house, usually the TV in the living room that someone other than you controlled. That option for me was CSI: Crime Scene Investigation; my mom loved watching it when it premiered in 2000. I hated it. I don’t like cop procedurals–except for those three seasons I watched Law and Order: SVU– because they are all the same.

Fast Forward 15 years and now we can watch whatever we want and how much of it we want any time that we want. There are the three big streaming platforms that come to mind immediately.

7.99 per month          $7.99 per month        $8.25 per month/$99 per year upfront 

netflix huluamazon

Netflix is the one that most people choose for binge-watching with an estimated subscriber base of 65 million worldwide compared to Hulu’s 9 million according to this wall street journal article. Amazon Prime is more of an afterthought I’ve noticed. I have it because there’s some content on there, but it’s not updated as often as Netflix or Hulu and usually they carry the exact same programs and movies as the other two. They do have the 12 time Emmy Nominated show Transparent, which I did binge over the course of a few days. As they move further into original content and feature films, they might have more options that take my time in the future.

HBO is in the game with their dedicated streaming service that provides HBO series, and movies they deem worthy. It’s been nice to have for streaming the amazing show The Comeback. Most recently I was present for the awful final season of True Blood.

$14.99 per month

hbo go

Crackle has the Jerry Seinfeld show Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee And the first seasons of various TV shows and some really old, bad movies.



CBS All Access is probably the most interesting new entry in streaming for me, because Viacom owned Nickelodeon and Comedy Central shows stream on Hulu Plus and Star Trek streams on Netflix. They only have certain parts of seasons. So, for instance, if you want to binge-watch the entire series of Touched by an Angel, you can’t do it here, you’ll have to buy the DVD’s. Many of the older shows available to stream here are also on the aforementioned streaming sites. The only advantage I could see to this is being able to stream your favorite in-season shows the next day via the app. But many CBS shows are repeated over the summer. I think this is a service that is going to have a tough time gaining traction.

$5.99 per month 

cbs all access

Do you binge-watch shows on any of these streaming services? Do you lose sleep when the new season of Orange is the New Black comes out, or when they put up the whole Seinfeld series?

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  1. I think the question for me is, when am I not binge-watching TV? I binge-watch new series like Daredevil & Orange is the New Black and also have old standbys that I can sit for hours and enjoy. I have both Netflix and Amazon Prime and would say the ratio of use is 80/20. Netflix is my significant other most of the time, but Amazon Prime has some shows that (streaming) Netflix doesn’t like Teen Wolf, Deadwood, Banshee, etc. The appeal of streaming services for me is I can watch when I have time in my schedule rather than being tied down with cable or guilted into watching what’s on my DVR.

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