Patrick Stewart is Walter Blunt

blunt talk

I remember reading about this when it was first announced and thinking this is going to be great. Why? Patrick Stewart is 75! He gets to play a man who is so different from his other iconic TV and movie characters, and he gets to really show off his comedic talents. Sure, we’ve heard him voice a crazy, coke obsessed, older man on American Dad, but now we get to see him do it on cable.

The Starz page describes the show: “Blunt Talk,” follows Walter Blunt, a British import intent on conquering American nightly cable news and his mostly misguided decision-making, on and off the air.”

Something that has always inspired me about Patrick Stewart is how he was 47 before he appeared in Star Trek: TNG. He was almost halfway through his life before American audiences knew who he was, and he wasn’t convinced that TNG would last past the first season! I think some shows are so obsessed with reaching young audiences that they forget that older actors exist, and that they have years of experience to bring to these roles! Star Trek TNG couldn’t have worked with a younger man in that role. Likewise, Blunt Talk features older actors. Jacki Weaver is 68       Adrian Scarborough is 47 

I’m really excited to see how this show works and how Stewart and the cast make us laugh. The idea of watching an older actor get coked out, or sleep around isn’t new, but seeing the classically trained Shakespearean actor, Patrick Stewart, play this character is, and I can’t wait to watch!

Now, who has Starz?

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