And the Emmy Goes to…

Everyone is doing Emmy predictions this week, it seems, so I decided that I would do a few of my own. I know everyone cares about the actor and series races, and to a lesser extent the writing and directing, but what about the lesser knowns? The categories that are relegated to the Creative Arts Emmys Ceremony? Because if you’re an editor, or sound mixer, or make up and hair artist you should have someone fighting to predict if you win or lose, too! And I’ve done it. Three random categories from the Creative Arts Emmys are below. Please enjoy my fearless, ignorant, predictions on who will take home the statue.

Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music – 2015




Amazon Instant Video

FX Networks

Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup For A Series, Limited Series, Movie Or A Special – 2015 – 

FX Networks

“The Good Listener”




“Grand Guignol”





Outstanding Special Class Program – 2015




There you have it. My prediction in three random categories that will be awarded at the Creative Arts Ceremony on September 12, 2015 on FXX. Are you prosthetic make up artist who disagrees with me? Or a composer who knows that I’m wrong? Leave me a comment and look forward to my predictions for acting, writing, directing, and series on Thursday.

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