My Five Favorite TV show Credit Sequences

Happy Labor Day everyone! Today’s post is all about my five favorite TV show closing credit sequences! Thanks to Steve who commented on my favorite title sequences  post for the idea to do this list.

5. Home Improvement 

Home Improvement used to play bloopers over their credits and I always loved seeing the cast mess up. They usually played bloopers from two or three scenes from that nights episode. There was something really fun about seeing the process.

4. Roseanne 

Roseanne also played a scene over their closing credits, but instead of bloopers, they showed a scene that was cut from the episode. I loved this because it was a joke that played really well, but wasn’t included because of time, which we still got to see as a bonus.

3. The Simpsons 

They usually change things up for the Treehouse of Horror episode each year, giving the crew and cast different Halloween themed credits, and I like that they take the time to do this and really make this episode unique each year. There are other episodes where they insert a little tag scene or joke during the credits that’s always a nice surprise. You can check Youtube for those, especially since they all seem to be from people recording them off their TV. So please enjoy this image as an example. RIP Sam Simon

simpsons treehouse of horror closing

2. Miranda

I love how Miranda did her closing credits because they break the fourth wall as a group and acknowledge that you’ve been watching a TV show. It’s a great way to make us feel like we’re apart of the fun. And such fun it always was. It reminds me of a live show where the audience comes out for a bow and everyone can say goodbye together. In the states we usually only ever see the curtain call televised for the final episode of a series, but I think we should do it for them all. And because she had doing this all along, it felt extra special and emotional when Miranda did it for the last time. Please watch Miranda legally on Hulu or better yet buy her DVD’s!

  1. Bob’s Burgers
    Bob’s Burgers has the best credit sequences because of the original music they create for the show. They like to play these songs over the end credits and have the characters dance, or sometimes just work the grill, which makes the song all the more hilarious.

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