In the Late Night “Wars” There Can Only Be One!

That’s right! There can only be one winner in the late night ratings war! And why? Because that’s the only way that networks can tell advertisers that they should pay more to air their ads during show A, rather than show B. In our example below we see that A is represented by Fallon and B by Kimmel. Fallon gets the viewers because he does more sketch based comedy that you youth watch online. Kimmel has his mean tweets segment but that’s the only thing I know about. I don’t watch him enough to know others. That’s the only thing that’s gone viral for me to see on Facebook.

A.                                                                                                    B.



The Late Shoe with Stephen Colbert debuted last night, Sep. 8th, to an estimated 6.5 million viewers beating Jimmy Fallon and his 2.9 million viewers. Jimmy Kimmel had 1.75 million, a distant third. Currently, three shows occupy the 10:30 time slot, but on Sep. 28th The Daily Show with Trevor Noah turns the threesome into a foursome and could make those numbers lower for everyone if he can pull anywhere close to the 2 million viewers that Jon Stewart was getting.  When it’s all said and done I don’t think it’ll matter who wins with the demos or the viewers because streaming and Youtube make shows segmented viewing anyway. You can watch what you want and leave the rest that doesn’t interest you. 20 Years ago, obviously, you couldn’t do that. You had to sit through it all to get to the interview.

Of course it all changes again in January of 2016 when Samantha Bee debuts her show:

Who do you watch? Do you watch the clips or the whole show? The musical guest? Let me know and I’ll see you on Monday!

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