If You Didn’t Watch The Emmy’s (Like Most of America) HBO Won All

So, this is my last post about the Emmy’s. Which means I have to think of things to write about each week and stop relying on these awards! What will I do?! We’ll see om Thursday! Anyway, onto the awards show! Who won? HBO! Who lost? Network TV! Were my predictions correct? Kind of!

I predicted the winners in my previous post here.

I was right on 15 of the 29 that I predicted a few weeks ago. About 50/50. Not bad, but it could be better. There’s always 2016.

So where did I go wrong?

Olive Kitteridge swept the awards this year winning 6 in the limited series category, shutting out its competition, and proving that HBO’s not TV. Other HBO winners include Veep and Game of Thrones.

The only network shows represented were in the acting categories: Allison Janney for Supporting Actress in a Comedy for CBS’s Mom, Regina King for Supporting Actress in a Limited Series for ABC’s American Crime, and Viola Davis for Lead Actress in a Drama Series for ABC’s How to Get Away with Murder.

Viola Davis is the first Black Actress to win the Lead Drama Actress award, and her speech is amazing. 

Some of the winners I don’t agree with. Julia Louis-Dreyfus again? Come on! Amy Poehler anyone?

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart winning over Last Week Tonight makes no sense! Next year John Oliver!

Andy Samberg did a find job as host, even if it was a little low energy. I was expecting a little more from the man who brought us Dick in a Box, but he didn’t fail and he kept the show on time. The main task of a good host. It’s just too bad only 11.9 million tuned in, this was the lowest rated Emmy’s telecast in the history of the show. Are people tired of awards shows? Or did they just not care about this years nominees?

What did you think? Did you watch? Did your favorite win? Let me know! I’ll see you back here Thursday!


    • That’s how I feel with some, like the oscars, but sometimes the Emmys surprise, like with viola Davis from how to get away with murder or Uzo Aduba from orange is the new black. I watch a lot of the shows so I had favorites. Thanks for checking it out and commenting! I appreciate it!


  1. I’m bored of awards shows. They do not really grab me. I feel like all of the same shows and people are nominated and win. It drags on and on.


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