The Truth is Still Out There!

I originally was going to do a post about new TV shows that I’m watching this fall, but then my favorite let’s-redo-everything-because-we’re-out-of-ideas-network, FOX, released a full trailer for The X-Files limited event series:

This is going to be awesome! That trailer makes me 99% pumped for the show.

Things I loved:

Cigarette Smoking Man

Skinner (Rocking that beard, too)

Scully being a bit unsure if she wants to take Mulder’s call.

Does this mean they have separated? Remember the Second movie, I Want to Believe, when they were a couple and it was the best thing ever? After the credits they rode off together on that boat in the middle of nowhere? They waved to the camera as it flew above them? We thought that was the end of Mulder and Scully? No one?

Finally, the new episodes bring aliens and the government conspiracy that we wanted from the second movie!

We’ve got Mulder, Scully, Skinner, Cigarette Smoking Man, Aliens, Government Conspiracy. So why am I not 100% pumped?

Joel McHale. I don’t really like him as an actor, I don’t really consider him to be an actor in the same way that Duchovny is, and certainly no where close to being on the same level as Gillian Anderson. Let’s see him do Dickens.

It’s not as if it can be changed now. I just hope he’s in as little of the show as possible. Maybe it’s because I see him more as the “comedian” of  The Soup and Community, but he seems like he’ll be out of place. Unless he’s like Mulder from the early seasons where his humor is very dry. We’ll see Sunday, Jan. 24th, 2016.

I’ve been trying to stay spoiler free, and haven’t read too much about the new episodes, but I did see that someone else from the past will return, and I’m pretty excited for her to show up.

Are you excited for The X-Files return? What is your favorite episode? Let me know in the comments! Until Monday, have a good weekend!


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