Podcasts! Specifically Star Trek: TNG Podcasts

While I may be a TV expert, I’m fairly new to the world of podcasts. I downloaded a program called RSS Radio, which works very well. It downloads podcasts and episodes quickly and has a very smooth playback.  So, imagine my delight when I found one that reviewed every episode of Star Trek: TNG. It was great, because I could sit at my data entry job during the  day and listen to other people discuss a show that I love.

A few weeks ago  I downloaded the first few episodes of the Dork Trek podcast. I had no idea what to expect, but I thought it might be fun to see TNG through the eyes of someone else. This podcast featured three men and one woman discussing each episode of Star Trek: TNG. It’s pretty funny. Or it was pretty funny in the beginning. I always knew that Star Trek had a lot of male viewers, but I had never thought about how they might perceive some of my favorite characters. This group calls out the character of Troi for not having anything to do but tell people things that were very obvious, and it’s true, in the first season she had little to do, and she was gone for many episodes towards the end of the season with no explanation. She’s still one of my favorite characters. But this group seemed too focused on the fact that Tasha Yar survived gangs, and that Dr. Crusher wasn’t a very good mother. I kept listening because at times it was funny and they had some good points, but I was finally turned off from the show when they started making gay jokes about Wesley. I didn’t finish their first season reviews. Maybe this was hasty of me, but I just couldn’t take their jokes anymore, and they were starting to grow irritating because they didn’t talk about the stories enough.

I deleted that podcast, and found a new one.

This time from three British men over at The Spoilist. This one is far better because they actually talk about the structure of episodes and point out inconsistencies in the story that make the episodes weak in that first season. They have a fun bit at the end they call the Quick Fire round where they give trivia about the episodes. I really like how they work together and they seem to have more respect for the show. But for the record they do point out that Troi has little to do but point out the obvious. Season 1 Troi is bad across all podcasts.

Do you listen to Podcasts about TV? Have you listened to either of these?  Let me know in the comments, I’m always looking for something new to listen to at work!


  1. It really means a lot when we get positive feedback. Who would have thought we would have the high ground in terms of jokes? We’re a little worried that we might run out of things to talk about as the episodes improve but it’s going okay so far. New episodes should be coming soon. Thanks so much for listening.


  2. i am on the podcast Dorktrek and I find it strange that you say we don’t have a respect for the source material. We’ve done 182 shows, watched thousands of hours of TNG. To say we lack a love or a respect is ridiculous. We just do a pod for the casual fan. If you want a deep study of the show and its meaning I recommend Trek FM.


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