My Favorite Bob’s Burger’s Episodes

Today it was announced that Bob’s Burgers was renewed for seasons 7 and 8, taking the show through Spring of 2018 on FOX. This is fantastic news, because  I was assuming it was in danger of being cancelled based on its ratings for the season premier, 2.5 million live viewers and a 1.2 in the 18-49 demo. These numbers were not great even for a show in the 7:30 spot on a Sunday. Because of Football on FOX, Bob’s Burgers will probably be pre-empted for several weeks this fall, as is normal for the show FOX puts in that spot.

So, in celebration of the unexpected two season renewal, my favorite episodes featuring each of the family members.

BOB: “An Indecent Thanksgiving Proposal” Aired in season 3 on Nov 18, 2012.

I really love this episode because Bob is so into Thanksgiving and the preparation of the dinner for his family. I love the beginning when he’s picking out the turkey and doing the voices for the various birds. It’s nice to see Bob cook something that’s not burgers and have as much, or more, passion. It’s also nice to see a show not do Christmas as the favorite holiday.

LINDA: “Lindapendant Woman” Aired in season 3 on Feb. 17th, 2013. This is my favorite Linda episode and one of my top three of the entire series. I love how Linda and Bob separate and we get to see them being adults on their own. The episode as a whole is strong all the way through, the B plot of Tina trying to find her milk aisle boy is as strong as the A plot, and everyone has strong comedic moments. Plus, this song is everything:

TINA: “Bad Tina” Aired in season 2 on May 06, 2012. Tina is responsible for showing the new girl around school, and this episode introduces us to Erotic Friend Fiction. This is probable one of the best traits for a character I’ve seen on any show. Tina is drawn with so many layers that it’s hard not to love her. If you don’t love her, I don’t want to know. This episode also gives us “They touched butts, and changed the world.” A pretty good moto to live by.

GENE: “The Kids Run the Restaurant” Aired in the third season on April 21, 2013. Gene is hard to chose for, because he doesn’t really have outstanding episodes but this is probably one of his best because he forms a girl band that plays in the basement when the kids start a casino because Bob and Linda have left them in charge. At the end Gene sings in full “Dreamgirls” dress, and it’s fantastic.

LOUISE: “Mother Daughter Laser Razor” Aired in the third season on Jan 06, 2013. I love seeing Louise as a girl her age, it’s one of the things that I love in Lisa Simpson, too. So often these two characters are beyond their years in order to serve the plot, so when they get to be their actual age, it’s really touching. This episode forces Louise and Linda together in a mother/daughter class. Linda thinks Louise hates her, and this is the kind of real situation that I love seeing in these shows. By the end Louise admits she doesn’t hate Linda and they bond, and we feel good that Linda isn’t sad anymore.

HONORABLE MENTION: “Broadcast Wagstaff School News” Aired in the third season on Jan 27th, 2013. One sentance, “Me Tina Mad Pooper.”


  1. I am so completely in love with this show. While I like all the characters for different reasons, I would have to say that Linda is my favorite because I see so much of myself in her. ESPECIALLY her singing, haha. She sings random sentences in the middle of conversation and I do exactly the same thing. It’s hilarious seeing that trait in someone else.

    I like the “Weekend at Mort’s” episode – don’t know the exact name of the episode. Love that little song, haha. I also really like the Thanksgiving episode as well. So hilarious!

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