Cancel The Simpsons!

After seeing last weeks episode of The Simpson, I have to jump on the cancel The Simpsons bandwagon. There’s no reason for this show to keep going on (Even though it will through Spring of 2017).

I’ve seen the two most recent episodes of Season 27, and I can say they are nowhere near as good as what the Simpsons used to do. In the season premier Homer and Marge separate, with Lena Dunham providing the voice of a woman that Homer dates. In the end, they pulled an Inception and had it all be a dream. Where to begin? There is no heart left in this show! Homer and Marge separating offers no character reaction from Lisa or Bart other than Bart joking about having a reason to blame all of his mistakes on it. Lisa shows some concern in the beginning, but they pretty much drop her until the end when she tries to show a bit of solidarity with Homer, but it’s undone in a second when the man that Marge is dating offers to have some smart conversation with her. The dream at the end that undoes it all is complete cheating and so easy that it smacks of laziness. Instead of having Homer and Marge deal with their issues, the writers just undid it all. And this didn’t feel like a season premier. There was hardly anything memorable about it, you could slot it into any part of the season and it would scream filler.

The second episode of the season does little better.

Bart and Lisa search for Homer’s barbecue grill when it is stolen right after he is challenged to a cookoff.

That is the real description for this episode! I remember very little about this. Bart and Lisa are on a search together, which is nice, but it’s too simple and boring. I seem to remember at the end that they find the grill and someone took it who they meet earlier in the episode. This one is worse than the premier.

There’s a podcast I listen to called Worst Episode Ever that goes through what they call “post classic era” episodes, including episodes from season 11 forward. Hearing them talk about the old episodes in comparison to the newer ones makes me want to watch the old episodes, but it also makes me think about how I used to like the episodes from the 2000’s. They weren’t this bad yet, and they were still watchable.

So, maybe The Simpsons shouldn’t make it to season 30 as some predict they will. Maybe they should just call it quits after next season in 2017. You’ve already made it into the history books and people will still consider you the greatest sitcom of all time.

Do you still watch The Simpsons? What do you think of these episodes compared to the older episodes? Which season did you stop watching on a weekly basis? Thanks for reading, see you Thursday!

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