The Not-So-Live Review of Undateable Live!

Hi everyone! I’m a bit late on catching up on shows, and Undateable on NBC is one of those shows, so today I present a not-so-live blog and review of the season 3 premier episode as I watch it on Hulu. Ironic, considering that NBC wanted me to watch live.

Cold Open: Girl sits at a table drinking. I love Ron Funches! Danny, that gay joke was not funny. What’s the little guys name? I’ve forgotten. It’s weird no one reacts to them. Lame Game of Thrones joke.

I like Bridgit Mendler. She was a great addition. Hey, glasses guy gets to say a joke. A Happy Ending massage joke. Chris D’Elia seems tired. #Empire reference! Is that really his phone ringing? It seems real. #Cookie reference! Empire spoilers, thanks Undateable. Cheesy live episode reference. I like the camera movement and the audience interaction. Oh Ron Funches! The audience seems tired too. The creator’s kind of cute.

Justin is his name! What about the cliffhanger from last season? Chris D’elia stumbles a lot. I’m over Danny. He’s annoying. Candace and Justin are going to date! Hey, the are live! They just mentioned Justin Bieber’s penis. Justin and Candace singing, eh.

That was not a clap break moment, audience. An Asian girl joke! Hysterical! That first act really lacked in energy. Let’s hope when they come back it’s more energetic.

We’re back! They can say bitch a lot. She cut her hair? BFD. Bitch for the 3rd time. I want the bartender to be so much more than he is. What is going on? Time has passed they played music.

Dick joke! They’re all becoming Dateable. Show over. Lame gay joke about the bartender not knowing if the guy he’s sleeping with is gay. Boo.

Scott Foley! The first time the audience has really reacted. Let the stunt casting begin! The audience loves Scandal. I think they’d rather be watching that than this. Shame.

Commercial break. Oh shit, I have to feed the cat.

An appendix joke, you don’t get those often enough. Are they implying that she might get attacked on the streets of Detroit at night? Ron Funches does some great background acting. Chris D’elia is messing up and not on purpose. That heightening did not work out too great on that truth joke.

Oh, he’s (Glasses guy) pretending to be blind! Now it all makes sense why that woman would want to be with him! What a twist!

Ron Funches with the twin joke!

I like the friend draft idea. I really don’t think I like Danny. Brent Morin broke. Be professional sir, you’re getting paid to do this! A Sixth Sense joke! This audience really loves Scott Foley. Ron Funches knows how to set up a joke. That Felicity joke made me laugh. Well done, Scott Foley. Maybe the audience is right about you.

All sorts of breaking over the Scott Foley kiss. It’s bad when the cast breaking is funnier than the episode. Oh no! Candace and Justin are breaking up. Reset!

Weak act break. Commercial.

Do I like Justin? This audience is being generous. She flashed him (glasses guy) and now he had to reveal that he isn’t blind! What a twist! What is the glasses guys name?

The word Bosoms said by Ron Funches is funny. Ron Funches with the hold, and “well I never!” Great delivery!

Haha, Danny’s a jerk. A FRIENDS joke! How current. A meta joke about watching the show all season to see if they get together! That’s funny!

I’m bored with this episode now. Maybe I shouldn’t be watching it alone? I don’t think I really laughed at much, except for Ron Funches.

Justin and Candace got together. And now Danny and Justin are doing some weird bit about how lucky they are? What the hell is going on?

Do I like this show? Maybe live isn’t the best format for them. It feels so small. What did you think? Let me know in the comments! See you Monday!


  1. I actually like the show and it is refreshing that NBC is embracing its roots with live broadcast of serials. Yes I said serials. Watching the east coast broadcast live, it was just exciting to be part of something while it was actually happening or close to it. Not sure if there was a few second delay. Anyway, I think we need to take it for what it is: a live performance. Things are not going to be polish as an typical episode which goes through rewrites during the filming process where they trying different things to get the best reaction/performance. Plus, lets not forget post productions. Just for willing to bring a live broadcast other than the news regularly is appreciated feat in itself.

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