Live From New York, It’s Tracy Morgan!

On October 17, Tracy Morgan returned to SNL to host, and it was a welcome homecoming for the comedian who was involved in a vehicle accident in June of 2014. During his monologue, Tracy reunited with his 30 Rock cast mates, and we saw how much they care for him and how much SNL is like a family to him.

The episode as a whole was pretty funny.

The Cold Open featured Alec Baldwin and Larry David alongside Kate McKinnon. It was pretty funny. I didn’t realize it was almost 10 minutes long. It’s very good when the cold open doesn’t feel too long, as it sometimes does. But this is political humor, which SNL is still strong in delivering usually.

I also enjoyed this Family Feud Parody. Everyone was very good, and it knew when to end. The set up was so good, too. It was a nice twist on the Family Feud format that they’ve done before.

My only gripe with SNL is Weekend Update. It’s still not working as well as it used to with Seth, Amy, Tina. I got the sense that Michael Che was surprised a few times by Colin Jost’s jokes. They have balanced the jokes with “guests” pretty well, and in that aspect it works better than it used to in their first year together.

The Brian Fellow’s show was pretty funny, and the camel stole the show, and it was fun to watch it happen. I really think Tracy has fun with the glee of that character, and it was one I liked seeing again.

Clip show, my SNL clip show, thanks for reading/watching! What did you think about the show? I’d love to hear your comments on it!

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