The Muppets Pilot Review: Suspend Disbelief Damn, it!

I was told I was a little harsh when I reviewed Undateable, so today I’m trying to keep a completely open mind as I review the pilot for ABC’s The Muppets. From what I know, the show seems like a continuation of the second movie and I like the idea that they are living in our world, as they produce a nightly talk show featuring Miss Piggy.

The opening is very clear and we know exactly what is going on, Kermit and Miss Piggy are separated, they made it back to the states after the second movie, and now they all work together on a late night show featuring Diva Miss Piggy. Quick, clear, and moving on.

Fozzie Bear is dating a woman! And meeting her parents! This was kind of funny. I need to work really hard to suspend disbelief with The Muppets having relationships and sex with people, but I guess it’s a thing, moving on.

I really like the Elizabeth Banks feud with Miss Piggy. I like Banks fighting with Scooter, that’s fun, and the Miss Piggy late night show means the stunt casting will continue forever. It will be fun to see who they get on the show in the future. I think for the guest stars it will be fun just to work with Kermit and the characters they grew up with. Who doesn’t want to meet Kermit?

The characters all seem right, from what I’ve seen so far, and I wonder how much more they can flesh them out and still have them be themselves. How far will they take them as they live in our world in order to keep it interesting? Might we see them fall to the same pressures that real people in Hollywood do?

For a chart of what each character does within the fictional show on the show click the banner, it’s fun seeing the biographies for each:


I’m behind by 3  episodes, as we are a month into the show, but I have to decide if I’m going to catch up and start watching live, or bing watch when it’s all finished. I will catch episode 2 on HULU and see how it plays before making my decision.

Do enough people tune in to ensure the show a second season? Four episodes in, and things are looking like a toss up, at least according to TVByTheNumbers.

The show has been dropping in live viewers every week it’s been on, and for the most recent episode had under 5 million tune in live. Because it’s owned by ABC and a huge property for them it will probably see a season 2, much like Marvels Agents of Shield has survived despite very low numbers.

What did you think? Does it hold up for you? Are you watching live or streaming? I’d love to hear your thoughts on the show in the comments! Thanks everyone!

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