I’ve been thinking about how I used to buy TV on DVD often, especially when I was a teenager. I remember paying $50 for the first season of FRIENDS when it first came out on DVD, and it seemed completely worth it at the time. Because of syndication, and now streaming, my FRIENDS DVD collection never made it past season two.

And I think about this because I’ve been listening to podcasts where shows I used to watch, mainly Star Trek: TNG and The Simpsons, are reviewed episode by episode. Listening to others discuss the episodes makes me want to re-watch these seasons all the way through, but unfortunately for The Simpsons you have to have FX to stream them all, or buy the DVD’s.

I think about buying some of the older seasons of The Simpsons because there are a lot of theseason 5 dvd classic episodes that I’d like to watch whenever. A lot of the really good Marge episodes are in those earlier years, and while I still love Marge in the new ones, they’ve really lost  so much of the believable heart of the show, and it’d be nice to revisit those when I want. 

TNG Blu-RayAnd I even think about getting TNG on Blu-Ray because they have supposedly remastered them pretty well. They’ve added some new graphics and more detail according to the things I’ve read on Amazon.

Which TV DVD’s do you own? Are you a season by season collector, or do you wait for the series collection. Has streaming changed how you buy DVD’s? Are you more selective on the series that you have to own?

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