SNL in November: I’ll Skip Nov 7th, but Watch the 14th and 21st

SNL is back for new episodes this week starting Nov 7th. I won’t be watching this Saturday because I don’t want to see Donald Trump on SNL. It’s stunt casting pure and simple and I, like many others, would like Lorn Michaels and NBC to pull Trump as host, but it’s not going to happen. In comedy, Lorne has stated again and again that to go back on a joke would undermine what he’s trying to do, and so this joke of an episode will have to go on.

I am looking forward to better days ahead on SNL as the show welcomes actors who should actually be on that iconic stage:

SNL Nov 14I’ll admit, I didn’t really start following Elizabeth Banks until I saw her in 30 Rock as Jack Donaghy’s girlfriend/wife, and she was hilarious. As Effie, she stole The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Part 1 from Jennifer Lawrence in a role that was captivating to watch, if too brief.  Then she produced and acted in Pitch Perfect, giving the audience one liners that always made you crack up. She directed Pitch Perfect 2 and that movie made 285 million dollars worldwide! Most recently, she had a guest spot on the series premier of The Muppets where she went head to head with Miss Piggy with pretty funny results. The short of it, she is going to kill it in this episode! Musical guest Disclosure should be fine.

SNL Nov 21 ADELE! All you need to know. Her new album 25 is released on November 20th, the Friday before this episode, so expect her to sing Hello, and whichever other song they want to have sell 1 million copies. I’ve got nothing against Mcconaughey, he’s actually pretty funny as host, and this time should be pretty good too, but the real reason to watch this week is for the roughly 8 minutes of Adele music we will get to hear live.

In the comments let me know what you  think of these hosts. I’d love to read your thoughts on how SNL is doing this season too!

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