Undateable LIVE! Episode 6: A Puppet Walks Into A Bar

SPOILERS BELOW! Another stream of thought episode watch along.

It’s been a few episodes since I’ve reviewed, but I have to say the show looks less live and more pre-recorded. Is this a good thing? Probably. They are getting much better at their timing and cuts. And everyone gets puppets! This is fun already.

I love that they let Brett be gay this season, and have him vocalize his desires just like everyone else.

The energy is back! I still hate how referential it is. But I guess the 4th wall is broken and I need to accept it.

The puppets are stealing this show.

I don’t really care about the Lesley story. The will-they-won’t-they with her and glasses guy is not happening. There’s nothing compelling there, and they don’t let him talk enough to make him a sympathetic enough character.

So I guess Bret Morin is having a Netflix special. Thanks for the plug. The real world plugs just take me out of the show too much, and I can’t focus on suspending my disbelief. I haven’t accepted the lack of 4th wall.

I wish the entire episode was just the puppets. Are we supposed to feel bad for glasses guy?

For the fans who have watched all the episodes, does this three episode relationship with Lesley and Mike seem like this is how it should have gone? Did this seem predictable? It feels neither sad, nor funny. What has it done to move things forward? It feels like nothing has happened with this mini arc.

I wonder if they get to keep those puppets? I would.

Are all the episodes ending on group hugs now? There wasn’t much to laugh out loud at. I think the previous two seasons are funnier, and I’m not sure if the show can get it back.

This episode had 2.7 million viewers live. Is that going to be enough to get a third season? I don’t think so, but it may not matter, because the experiment of doing all the episodes live might have been worth the poor results. I still think it’s risky and admirable for them to try.

Leave me your thoughts in the comments so we can discuss! Thanks for checking my review.


  1. I would agree that is getting better. Less breaking out of character and cracking up not counting the breaking of the “fourth wall,” which I actually find to be some of the funniest parts of the show. Now what I’m starting to notice is the lack of any really long story arch over multiple episodes. Further, each episode is pretty much the same structure, and yes, they do seem to end each episode in the bar with some type of group warm fuzziness, but again I do watch if for the mess ups. Unfortunately, there is no Peter Pan bracing themselves as they are about to hit a set piece or Maria mistakenly calling Captain von Trapp reverend in this show. Can’t wait for The Wiz.


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