Telenovela Episodes 1 & 2 Thoughts



This is not going to be a good one, guys. But I am really interested in reading from people who did like the show. Today’s post is going to feature my thoughts on the show, and links to other opinions on the show because I really want to understand why this is funny for some people.

Episode 1: Pilot

We meet Eva Longoria’s character Ana, and she’s late for a filming of the telenovela that she stars in/produces?/Controls? It’s a bit unclear as she acts like she can tell anyone what to do, as if she’s the Executive Producer or show-runner. I don’t know if this a real thing, please correct me if I’m wrong. We’re introduced to several of the supporting characters. She has a costume designer who is also her best friend. Kind of like Ugly Betty, but less interesting or fun. Zachary Levi is the new president of the network and he speaks Spanish! The big joke of this episode seems to be that she can’t speak Spanish. I don’t buy this for one second, how the hell can she be on a Spanish speaking show, if she doesn’t speak the language? And they didn’t have cue cards or anything. I can’t suspend disbelief on this character trait. It’s too unbelievable. And the episode ends with her ex-husband joining the show, in true telenovela fashion.


Episode 2: Evil Twin: I don’t even know. One of the characters has a twin sister. Other stuff happens. I think Ana gets back together with her ex-husband for the cameras and to save her job, but she really still has feelings  for him. I didn’t really watch most of this episode. Unlike Superstore, I didn’t really want to pay attention to these characters to see if they grow. Instead I was watching Star Trek TNG bloopers.

Okay, so I won’t be watching January 4th, 2016 when the show returns to its normal time slot. But there are people who did like it. Please find below some links to blogs with opinions that are more favorable than mine.


The blog post below I find very interesting. I’m not sure if I agree, but it’s a very good read.

Finally, this last blog post explains why the author feels the show is a disappointment, and it’s an interesting read too.


Let me know if you liked Telenovela in the comments. I really want to know if there are things or characters that you like! Maybe I’ll watch that 3rd episode online and see if it gets better.

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