You Are Now Watching MAD TV 20 Years Later

It’s been 20 years since MAD TV premiered on FOX. 20 Years! The show premiered on October 14, 1995, and ran until 2009 on FOX.

The show will have a one hour reunion on Jan 12th, 2016 (Why not a full two, I wonder, as they have the cast and material for it) on The CW network.

Why not FOX? The show is owned by Warner Brothers, but it still seems a little odd to have it airing on the CW instead of FOX, but then again, The CW airs Whose Line is it Anyway, even though that used to air on ABC.

19 cast members will return:


Season 1:  Artie Langeartie Phil Lamarr philNicole Sullivannicole Debra Wilson debra

Season 3: Alex Borsteinalex Will Sassowill Aries Spearsaries

Season 4: Mo Collinsmo Michael McDonaldindex

Season 5: Stephnie Weirsteph

Season 6: Bobby Leebobbi lee

Season 7:  Ike Barinholtzike

Season 8: Nicole Parkernicole parker

Season 9: Crista Flanagancrista Keegan-Michael KeykeeganArden Myrinarden

Season 10: Nicole Randall Johnsonnicole randall

Season 12: Anjelah Johnsonanjelah

Season 13: Eric Priceeric

Fun Fact: SNL cast member Taran Killam appeared on MAD TV as a featured player in 2001. He would join SNL in 2010.

My memory of the season 13 cast is a little fuzzy, so I don’t remember Eric Price at all. It’ll be interesting to see how he plays with everyone.

And  to refresh your memory, a few sketches from MAD TV:

Will you watch the reunion? Do you have a favorite sketch or cast? Let me know in the comments!



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