Gillian Anderson isn’t only Scully

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Happy New Year! I hope 2016 is starting well for everyone! Thank you so much for checking out my blog!

Today, the case of the Three Gillian’s. If you don’t know, Gillian Anderson is one of the hardest working actresses right now, appearing in everything from Stage, to TV, to Netflix, to Movies. She’s going to be appearing in three different projects this year.


The X-Files

The limited series that premiers Sunday, January 24th, on FOX, where she reprises the role of Dana Scully, for which she earned an Emmy award in 1997. This 6 episode series appears to focus more on the aliens this time around based upon the trailers and that’s a great thing, because that’s where the show shines. I’m hopeful that taking a British approach to this will make it very good. The second hour will air Monday, January 25th, at 8/7 Central.

X-Files fun fact: In 2000, Gillian and David where nominated for an award at the Kids Choice Awards in the category of Favorite Television Friends. They lost that award to Ben Savage and Rider Strong of Boy Meets World. They didn’t stand a chance.

War and Peace

Gillian plays Anna Pavlovna in this adaptation airing on BBC One in the UK, and simulcast on A&E, Lifetime, and History in the US on January 18th at 9/8 Central. Gillian has been doing adaptations for 15 years, her first being The House of Mirth in 2000, and most recently having appeared in Great Expectations for BBC in 2011.

I’ve never read War and Peace, but I’ve heard it’s very long, so adapting it is no small feat.

The Fall 

This Netflix original has been on for two seasons, and it was recently announced that they are getting underway on the third, and final season of the show. Per Netflix:

When the Belfast police are stalled in their investigation of a spate of murders, Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson is drafted to investigate.

So basically, Gillian plays a bad ass detective. If you haven’t seen the show, like me, I admit, but it’s on my list, the show is very serialized and you have to watch each episode in order, or you will be spoiled. I read that the trailer for season 3 will spoil the end of season 2.   Season 1 only has five episodes and Season 2, 6, so I really should just knock this out today.
Whats great about Gillian is that she can do all of these roles effectively. I will always love her as Dana Scully, but it’s good to see that she didn’t just live on that alone, and it seems like people are able to see her as other characters now. I also loved her in The Mighty.
What are your favorite Gillian Anderson projects? Is she always going to be Scully for you, or do you like her more in her British roles, or on The Fall. Let me know in the comments.

P.S. She also writes books! Check her out at Amazon.

Happy 2016! Here’s to a healthy and fulfilling year!

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