MAD TV 20th Anniversary Special Review

Maybe the cast decided they were too old to reprise those characters they had created 20 years ago? This is the only thing I can think as to why the show was a clip show, a fact I wish I had known going into it. The premise for the reunion was that the actors all show up late to the screening because they get the time wrong, so they are forced to watch the event from outside at the “VIP patio” as clips are shown and the “fans” vote on their favorite character.

While they sit in the patio the actors catch up and there is some playful banter, and we get to see that they do genuinely enjoy being together, and I liked that, but I just wish it was more of this and less of the clips. I wish they had talked more about their time on the show. They divide the clips by actor or acting pair and it was fun to see some of those characters and sketches again.

I thought they would reprise those characters, or at least write some new stuff for them to do. Perhaps some sketches that showed the characters aged, or something that showed they still had it. Maybe a big group sketch where they brought all their classic characters together. A mash up of MAD TV.

But then I think of when Dana Carvey returned to SNL on Feb 5, 2011, and how he seemed much too old to be performing those characters that he had created in the 80’s and 90’s. That episode grated me because it was just him doing those old characters again, and if you’re not very fond of those characters the show probably felt very unfunny to you, as it did to me.

So, maybe I don’t really want anyone to perform characters they used to do decades ago, because wouldn’t it be worse to just focus on how old the actors have gotten? But I wanted something that required a little more from the cast than what we got. I know they’ve all moved onto new projects (mostly) and it was probably a nightmare just to get them together for a night to film what we did get. Because I had such fond memories of the show, it seemed like this should have been more of a special episode rather than a clip show.

Maybe I should just watch the old episodes on CW Seed and stop complaining?

Did you like the episode? Did the sketches in between the clips hold up? Did the whole Bobby/Crista thing do anything for you? Let me know in the comments!




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