Undateable Should Get Cancelled

Undateable performed a valiant feat this season by airing every episode of their 3rd season live Friday nights on NBC. 13 live episodes that started off good. They did some self-referential jokes to the fact that the show was indeed live, and the story seemed to be moving forward with Justin and Candace getting together after the previous finale when they found out that they liked each other and she won a house. (Which, I don’t think we ever see the inside of; NBC must not have had that much money to throw around.) It was fun for a premier, the energy was up, everyone was having a good time, and then they had to produce 12 more episodes.

They were limited by being live, so they could only do two or three sets in each episode and the show became centered squarely back in the bar, which isn’t itself a bad thing, after all, most of the characters work in this bar, that somehow does well enough to stay open, but usually only has a few people in it at any given time. This is fine, the characters can make jokes anywhere and the show is mostly one liners and Justin and Danny doing some light physical comedy and bickering at each other.

What got me about the episodes as we moved forward was that they always referenced that they were live, and they started to bring in more and more references about the actors portraying the characters. It’s fun once or twice to reference a real life thing that we know about the actor, Bridgit Mendler was on Good Luck Charlie on Disney Channel and that was fun to see that referenced. But then they would throw in stuff about Brent Morin or Chris D’Elia and it would just break the fourth wall too much.

They lost any semblance of long term story as well. In season 1, it was Justin dealing with the fact that his girlfriend was going to move away and that they weren’t going to work. in season 2, it was the introduction of Candace (A great shot in the arm to the show) and her feelings for Justin. This season I guess it was that they were going to get married?

Only two episodes in season 3 had more than 3 million viewers live, which means from that perspective, it is a failed NBC experiment.

I did like the live musical act each week. That was a fun way to kick of each episode and go into commercial break.

I just don’t think they have more stories to tell. I think the show is done. The last episode of the season felt like a series finale too. Everyone ended up in a pretty good place. For a show that started in the summer they had a good run.

What do you think? Do you want Undateable to come back? Did you like this season? Would you be happy if this last episode was the last? Let me know in the comments. Thanks everyone!


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