Superstore Check In (Cancelled or Renewed?)

The answer to that question is neither at this moment, but I figured since there are only two episodes left in the 11 episode first season, this would be a good time to check in on the show and give an update on my opinions about the characters and story.

Generally, I think the show has improved from the Pilot. They are definitely starting to figure out who everyone is and what makes them tick in the context of the store setting and hierarchy.

Because the show is from one of the writers of the US version of The Office, I kept wanting it to stick to that style where you have the well meaning, but inept boss, the love sick guy, the girl who is dissatisfied in her current relationship, Dwight, and the rest who are worker bees that get fleshed out (hopefully) in later seasons.

Superstore is kind of like that, actually.

The store manager, Glenn, is kind of similar to Michael Scott, in that he has a disconnect between the reality of working at Cloud 9, and the way his employees actually see it. This actually works better in a retail setting because theoretically, Glenn has 50 or 60 or more workers that he manages, so it would make sense that he can’t really know how they all feel about the job or him. I really like that he’s more religious than the others and I want to see that played up more. He had a great moment of realization in episode 8, Wedding Day Sale, where he accepts a gay  couple that wants wedding items, and tries really hard to understand them.

The love sick guy is Jonah, and he’s starting to grow on me. I like that it’s a slow build between his character and Amy. They have some great development in episodes 6 and 7, Secret Shopper and Color Wars. They are doing a good job of making him sympathetic and we learn more about Amy in these episodes. The real magic of the show is when they let them have real conversations.

Amy we find out is not in the happiest of marriages and she has a 10 year old daughter too! In episode 5, Shoplifter, we get to meet Amy’s daughter when she has to watch her because her babysitter cancels. I really loved that they did this episode. For her character it really brought her down to a relatable level and it was fun seeing Jonah have to deal with Amy’s daughter Emma when she goes through her first period while at the store. It was a nice twist to Amy and Jonah’s relationship that he was there for that huge moment in her daughter’s life.  Again episode 7, Color Wars, gives us more about Amy and love that we get to meet her husband and she and Jonah have a great moment at the end about how Amy is not happy in her relationship. I think Color Wars is my favorite episode so far. Will Amy and her husband stay together? Probably not, but we’ll have to watch to find out. Unlike Jim and Pam, there is a child involved, which complicated things.

Lauren Ash as Dina is the breakout character of the show. She has the best one liners, she has the most physical comedy, and she has that complex of not knowing when she’s taken it too far. Episode 9, All-Nighter, is my favorite Dina episode because we see her at (what is for her) her most vulnerable when she tries to change herself to win Jonah. And the fact that she thinks she has a chance makes it so much more heartbreaking. This episode really pushes things forward for her character because at the end she quits as Assistant Store Manager to become an associate again so she can be with Jonah, because store policy heavily frowns upon superiors dating subordinates. I can’t wait to see how this plays out in the next two episodes.

I like the rest of the cast, but besides the pregnancy with Cheyenne, there’s not too much they do. And we need less of Cheyenne’s boyfriend. I can’t figure out why they give him so much time!

Overall, I really like the show, and I would love to see it get a second season. Amy has started to grow on me, and if we get to see them out of the store a little more, or know more about their lives away from the store, the show will be that much better in season two, in my opinion.

What do you think? Have you been watching? Do you want a second season? Let me know in the comments and we’ll see what happens in May, if not sooner.



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